Een echte #GROETJEMEE muur

Stadskunstenaar van Leeuwarden, Maria oftewel Cote Create, maakte een prachtige vrolijke muur in het kader van #GROETJEMEE. Dit is wat ze zelf plaatste bij de onthulling op haar Instagram.

Colourful mural in Leeuwarden!

I did paint this bright mural last week at the wall of @handhavingleeuwarden for the beautiful campaign @groetjemee that invite us to be there for each other in this difficult times with a greeting. This campaign bring us together to the essential and I’m super happy of being part with this wall.

My mural is connected with the same strong idea “connection” be there for each other, bright your day with a bit of colour and happiness 😊 hopefully you like it and you enjoy every time when you walk around because is for all of you guys 🌈

This mural was done with the high quality @koopmansverf and together with @writersblockmurals

Thank you to my friends @thewayofbeingchristina and @willemsenhendrikart and my boyfriend @danjelsytsma for being there ALWAYS I love you guys, a looot!

One special big thanks to my sister @with_giulia for helping me as an assistant that whole day from 9.00 am until 19.30 thank you for the photos and absolutely everything it is always great to work together.

🌈Guys we always have a big team behind us, we never succeed alone, for that I will always be so grateful of all the people that push me up every day 🧡🌈